Cumaea” is a small family business, in a tiny village, called Kili, somewhere between Kymi and Aliveri, on the island of Euboea. We produce natural soaps, based on a traditional formula, enriched with extracts from herbs in the surrounding area. We also produce wax ointments and aromatic oils.

After studies on aesthetic and cosmetology along with several years of employment on cosmetic promotion, we are making our first move, having lots of memories, knowledge and experience from our great grandmother who always had some sort of remedies for minor injuries and insect bites and of course, her unmistakable formula for the household soap. Based on this concept, we studied books, consulted chemists, surfed the Internet, attended seminars and experimented on the making of soap, testing it aterwards again and again.

Our main motive was the large number of allergies and dermatological problems we see around. We are offering an alternative answer to to all these prducts with the bright, vivid colours and strong smells, that are flooding us. Our soaps appeal to people who are seeking natural products, free of chemical additives.